Kristoffer Groth Jakobsen

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Deep insight from the defence, security and aerospace industry with public affairs, branding, business development and sales. Extensive experience with the political aims and needs of private companies. International network and experience from working in Europe, USA, Asia and the Middle East.

Rasmus Clausen

Chief Operating Officer & Founder

Extensive experience from a senior level government career. Deep insight into defence policy, political analysis, crisis management and communication. Possesses a wide ranging network amongst politicians, senior civil servants and the military.

Peter Dahl Thruelsen

Director, Defence

Deep insight from a long tactical to senior level career in defence, intelligence and academia. Extensive experience regarding security and defence policy, political analysis, crisis management, communication and research and education. Possesses a wide ranging network amongst senior civil servants and the military. Tactical to high level experience from several international military operations. PhD in political science/war studies.

Stine Degnegaard Arensbach

Senior Advisor

More than 15 years of experience with research-driven consultancy and advisory. Profound tactical and academic knowledge about wicked problems and complex solution design. Strong conceptual thinker with a focus on innovative public-private partnerships. Deep experience within energy sector, healthcare, and safety & security. 
PhD in multi-stakeholder business models.

Kristoffer Breindal

Senior Advisor

Strong insight from more than a two-decade career in defence and central government. Experience from multiple military deployments to military positions at strategic level and senior level government positions. Holds a comprehensive understanding of strategic military and political decision-making processes within defence, government and political communities.

Josephine Stanley


Deep analytical understanding of defence and international relations based on experience from a 10-year military career, an education as a military linguist officer and intelligence analyst, four international deployments on tactical to strategic level, and a specialization in intercultural communication and conflict resolution.

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